How do we secure Sweet Pea & Petunia's services? 

We are thrilled you have made the decision to reserve our services!   Just let us know you want to secure our floral services and we will send you the contract  to complete and sign, and will also require a 40% deposit from you.


Do you have a minimum?

The minimum to reserve our services is $2500 unless you choose to select one of our floral packages from our Signature Collection.  Please inquire with us to see what our Signature Collection offers.  


What is your Signature Collection?

To simplify the planning process for you, we have created floral packages that include the floral basics for a wedding ceremony and reception.   Our floral packages can be color customized to complement your wedding color scheme.  Please inquire with us to learn more about our Signature Collection.  To view some of our floral packages, please visit our Signature Collection Gallery


What if I don't want to order one of your floral packages?

We love creating custom floral designs so just let us know what your heart desires and we'd be happy to prepare an estimate for you.   To view a few of the custom weddings we have designed, please visit our Custom Collection Gallery.


Do you offer rental items?

We have several decor items available for rent like vases, candleholders, lanterns, and pedestals.    Rental items can be returned to our studio within two days after your wedding date or SP&P can pick them up at the end of your reception.  In order for SP&P to pick up the rental items, we require a minimum rental order of $250.   To view our collection of rental items, please inquire with us. 


Will you deliver and set up our wedding flowers?

Sweet Pea & Petunia will deliver and set up all wedding flowers and rental items we provide.  Delivery of all personal flowers will be two hours prior to your ceremony start time.  Ceremony set up will be completed 30 minutes prior to your ceremony start time.   Reception set up will be completed 30 minutes prior to guest arrival.  


What if I need my flowers to be delivered sooner than your standard delivery/set up schedule? 

We are more than happy to accommodate your wedding day timeline, so, if you need your personal flowers delivered sooner or your ceremony or reception set up sooner, please just let us know and we can make arrangements for an earlier delivery or an earlier set up.   Additional fees may apply. 


How often will we meet to discuss our floral order?

We will set up an initial consultation to go over your floral details so that we may provide you with an estimate, or, if you choose to email us your floral details, the initial consultation would be set up to go over the details of the estimate and make any necessary changes.  A second meeting will be scheduled to finalize your floral details which typically happens 5 - 6 weeks prior to your wedding day.   Throughout your wedding planning process please feel free to correspond with us via email as much as you'd like!  


When do I need to finalize my flower order?

Flower orders need to be finalized no later than 5 weeks prior to your wedding day.   


What happens if I need to make changes to my order after I have finalized?

You may make changes to your order provided that the change is based on your confirmed guest count. For example, adding or eliminating 1 or 2 centerpieces, or minor changes such as adding on small items like boutonnieres or leis.  Changes to color scheme and design would not be able to happen after the order has been finalized 5 weeks prior to your wedding day. 


When do I need to pay my balance? 

Your balance is due four (4) weeks prior to your wedding day. 


What if I need more than what is offered in your packages?  For example, what if I need bridesmaid bouquets?

Additional floral items may be ordered and can be found on our À la carte menu.  


What if I want specific flowers in my Signature Collection bouquet or arrangements? 

We are unable to take specific flower requests if you are ordering from our Signature Collection, but, if you have your heart set on specific flowers, like garden roses or peonies, we do offer custom floral designs.   Pricing is based on your specific needs so a consultation would be needed in order for us to provide you with an estimate.  


If I can't request specific flowers to be used in my Signature Collection designs, how will I know what flowers will be at my wedding?

The flowers we design with will be based on the style you selected and also your color scheme.   Typically, the flowers you see in the bouquet style you selected will be used in your wedding designs, unless that particular flower is not available in the color scheme of your wedding or is out of season.  If this is the case, we will use a flower that is a similar substitute.  


What if I need more centerpieces than what your reception package, Poppy Collection, provides?  

The Poppy Collection includes three centerpieces so if more centerpieces are needed, they can be added on from our À la carte menu.  


Can I make substitutions to any of your packages?  

Sorry, but no substitutions may be made to our Signature Collection.   


The Poppy Collection includes cake flowers but I don't need them for cake.  Can you design something else with those flowers?

Since there are no substitutions to our floral packages, we wouldn't be able to design something else with the flowers for your cake but we are more than happy to place the flowers elsewhere for you.   If you don't need them for the cake, perhaps we can place them on your cake table or at your receiving table.  


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